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Gregory Mannarino-They Can't Have Real Money Competing with Fake Money

 On the continued price crush and manipulation of gold and silver prices, Analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “For the longest time, we know the price is not real. It’s been faked. It’s been manipulated. Why? . . . They can’t have real money, which is gold and silver competing with fake money, which is the fiat currencies around the world. So, they are determined to suppress this for a lot of reasons. Countries and rich people are still acquiring this, and this is an amazing opportunity for people. We know for a fact these prices are being deliberately suppressed. What does that tell us? That’s where we should be, it’s that simple. I don’t think we will see a normalization with the precious metals until there are shortages. . . . I think the environment with a Trump Administration is extremely bullish for precious metals. . . . I like gold, but silver is my favorite.”

In closing, Mannarino contends, “Everything has changed. The trajectory we were on was straight down a rat hole of epic proportions. We were on a path to wipe out the middle class. I think the game has changed. I think, moving forward, we are going to see a stronger dollar. We are going to see precious metals rise into that stronger dollar. Trump is extremely bullish for our economy.”

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