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Ex-NSA Agent Reveals What Lies Ahead for America

Ex-NSA Agent Reveals What Lies Ahead for America

There is only one Power that matters. And that's Almighty God. The reason the earth is in such a mess is Satan rules the earth legally. How did he get that legal title? God originally gave that right to rule the earth to man, to Adam and Eve. However, when they decided to believe Satan's lies about God being not good and somehow they are being kept from becoming gods themselves, they broke God's laws and broke away from God's protection. Therefore, we all became slaves to Satan and sin, and the earth became the devil's kingdom. Now what the Almighty did through Jesus Christ is to break the works of Satan and to set us free. So we are in this transition stage between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. And the tragedy is we misunderstand this reality because it is dressed up in the garb of farcical religion. The angelic forces are real. No alien technology or demonic forces could stand up to them. I know. I have seen with my own eyes how an invisible angel stopped a speeding car on a dime and stopped an assassination attempt. Whatever Trump may have been shown or whatever threats he may be under, nothing can get through to him if he's under the prayer cover of real believing Christian intercessors. Think of it this way. If Almighty God is your body guard, you are invincible. No one can cut your time on earth short unless God says you're done.

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  1. yeah....Afghanistan is "another" usa op,as all are


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