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Dr Paul Craig Roberts: WHAT IS OBAMA REGIME UP TO ?

 Dr Paul Craig Roberts: After latest batch of sanctions and expelling Russian diplomats from US , What are Obama and CIA up to ? Are they preparing some kind of military incident with Russia in order to box in Donald Trump or ...?

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  1. more illusions trump does not have any enemies, he is accepted or ignored. however, after January 20th, infowars can no longer be a resistance but a compliance. trumps cabinet could quite easily find itself on a very interesting switch of the new world order 1984 version 2017, and that is Europe Russia and china together against unsavory Washington trumps crazy policies. 1967 borders for Israel are not negotiable, only way to end terrorism is 1967 borders for israel, there is no other way. Iran deal will remain climate change will remain. So, trump will face this new configuration, so is infowars. The resistance will be from the inside those that dislike TRUMP, however this time the world will go against trump on what is wrong and with trump on what is right correct and honest.


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