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Donald Trump Destroys The Illuminati With The Best Anti NWO Speech

 The Trump family has planned for the New World Order and this overthrow of government for many years - one lawsuit filed Sept. 19 in a California district court charges.

They have worked in tandem and in ‘lock step’ with the New World Order, the Axis of Evil, and the Roosevelt dictatorship that is described in the ‘main action,’ - the statement, listed under the “facts” of the suit, continues.

The planning for the ‘Donald Trump role’ in the New World Order, World War III, and the 2016 Presidential election has spanned multiple generations and decades of the Trump family.

“There’s plenty of research out there,” Gregory Kaighn said on the existence of the New World Order. “Whoever takes us on and challenges us on that factual issue in court will certainly lose.”

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  1. what a joke no wonder america is at war since 1913, is hopeless this nation hopeless from a warmonger to an idiot that is the american way of government and presidential elections, slavery and insanity.anyhow this 1776 young nation born out of a genocide exit on a genocide and will die on a genocide. good luck america since a new war is coming same as pearl harbour as expected.

  2. what warriors those brainwashed lot by nigel farage and the brexit dream: warriors that are killed daily on the land of the slave home of the insane, sorry you has being had. by the illuminated trump is so close to the world order that now you lot cannot distinguish fake from real same as animals on a farm before they are slaughtered.


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