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David Duke CNN Interview on Bannon Exposes Jewish Bias

Dr. David Duke in a revealing interview with a CNN reporter exposes the media bias. He is asked in the interview if he is happy that Banon allegedly says to his wife he wants his kids to go to school with Christians. Duke responds that he doubts Bannon said that... but if he were to say that it is hypocritical condemn Banon to want his kids to go to schools with Christians and people of his own heritage while millions of Jews sent their kids to Jewish schools to be around their own people and faith. What hypocrisy!

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  1. never trust washington any nation that has even a slight believe on the land of the slave home of the insane will be destroyed this 1492 experiment is demanding a radical change so the 1776 ilusion will perhaps bring real democracy to america. true a very large portion of american citizens are brainwashed but not everyone do not underestimate the public.


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