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ANONYMOUS - The Secrets EXPOSED - WikiLeaks Full Documentary

 Anonymous Updates presents to you a WikiLeaks documentary, showing the story of secrets.

Hillary Clinton the lying crook. The Americans ARE NOT all Social Justice Warriors.

Evil begets EVIL and two WRONGS have not EVER EQUALED a single RIGHT so we all need to take responsibility for OUR ACTIONS. Doing the right thing might involve keeping our mouth shut and taking information to our GRAVES. That is not the same as Living on your Knees as a SLAVE; though I am sure some will see it as such. There is a saying "I'd rather DIE FIGHTING than live on my knees as a SLAVE..." I forget who said this, Google it. That is what I base my life on. Sure there are times I choose to live on my knees and other times I choose to DIE FIGHTING; but ultimately the CHOICE IS MINE ALONE TO MAKE. It's when someone TAKES AWAY your RIGHT TO CHOOSE is when you need to TAKE ACTION or Live with the CONSEQUENCES of doing NOTHING. WikiLeaks is doing SOMETHING, I just hope it's for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS... Again, even doing the RIGHT THINGS sometimes yield the WRONG RESULTS, so keep that in mind. Make sure you know WHY you are DOING what you DO. This applies to every HUMAN, not just WikiLeaks....

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