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 Anonymous Updates presents to you 'The new world order is finally here! Martial law and FEMA camps exposed with more evidence'

heads up Ankara attack ; this was a false flag by NATO. as the video of the shooting shows IT was recorded by . 1: experts Will agree you could not have made this video without planning and involvement in the plot. why did the terrorist not shoot the camara man? 2: is Dutch semi-govrnment broadcasting network (Nederlands omroep system if i remember correct) they do not have a team in turkey, so the claims this camera man is from turkey is false, it was a Dutch team with Dutch cameraman and they travelled to turkey tot a interview that would not be headline news in the Netherlands. little odd if you ask me. 3; at this broadcasting station the same thing happend arround september last year, YouTube for; journaal kaper. a Guy that looks damm much like this man walked in to the studio and kidnapped few and demanded airtime because there was a ' important message' het had to share with the people.ill post link below.4; there is Bilderberg connection between the dirrector of NOS, the president of the Netherlands "mark Rutte" Both were invited to the Bilderberg in 2014, Just prior to the downing of MH17, the plans for this false flag were also leaked 15_3_2014 that is 4 months prior to the downing. http://journal-neo(.)org/2014/03/15/8929/ . 5; 1200 tanks shipped to Holland from US and massive troop buildup in Ukraine, you connect the Dots.

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