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US Will Lose The Reserve Status, There Will Be An 80-90% Devaluation Of The New Dollar:Jim Willie

Jim Willie is highly regarded as one of the leading experts on the gold and silver market, for his forecasts on currency related collapses, bank defaults and predictions for gold and silver prices. He is the editor of the Hat Trick Letter and he joins Sheila for a cutting edge analyses on whats really happening on the economic front.

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  1. Bren 25 % silver new global reserve currency just above all other currencies, nothing changes just a new king currency, gold and petrol reserves. all nations are equal on the new healthy time. As democracy goes.
    How can Trump achieve what you expect if he gets elected, depends on you, the situation is such that you are under a revolution, a passive revolution, more a mental than a corporeal revolution. Think of brainwashing, and imagine it is taken by hackers. The brainwashing ends the individual returns to his previous timeline before the brainwashing, however all this takes place submissively. These current wars, media & financial wars, collapse as the gold standards returns. This however is returning to before 1973 end of gold standards. And to 1963, as the situation is today with Syria and china. Whatever the future brings 1973 becomes a number to reckon with.

  2. however there is another problem, how can you change having trump as president, that is not a clean house. ? or is it between the devil and the witch ?


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