Trump telling the truth of the war on Syria

Our involvement in Libya was not an approved or joint effort, it was HILLARY, herself, who wanted the gold and the loot, the weapons cache that Ghaddafi had stored up and took it for herself. She shipped the weapons to Syria via Turkey and had those who were there killed to cover her tracks so they could not testify to what she had done! Stevens met with the Turkey rep. just before he died. They received the arms shipment which was sent directly to Syria and thus created I.S.! She and Obama, but mainly Hillary, created IS. NOT we, or us, we the people had nothing to do with this mess! she did it AND WATCHED WHILE THEY WERE KILLED LIVE VIA THE DRONE THAT WAS SENDING THE VIDEO LIVE AS IT HAPPENED! PLEASE DON'T SAY 'WE' WHEN YOU REFER TO LIBYA. WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. IT WAS A PURE AND SIMPLE ACT OF HILLARY ON HER OWN THAT MADE THE DECISION TO DESTABILIZE LIBYA AND TOOK OUT GHADDAFI WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL! SORRY, BUT WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, SHE HAD IT DONE, ALL ON HER OWN! SAD, SICK AND TRAITOROUS!

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