Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Donald Trump helps save 1,000 jobs

 Democratic Strategist Jessica Tarlov and Fmr. U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) discuss the impact of Trump's deals to keep jobs in America.

 this is the kind of deal americans wants... however, there are some that , believe it or not, oppose to this saying that Trump is "manipulating" these deals... well, let me break something to you... EVERYTHING is a manipulation... every discussion or deal is a manipulation (or attempt of) of the situation... whatever deal Trump struck with these companies to convince them to move their assets back to America, its a WIN for america... yes, there will be friction at first... but these guys are not stupid nor fools... you have to have a certain intellect and sharpness to be a leader or boss of a corporation... so it they're accepting Trump deals, they can foresee something and they're risking it... so now that the ball is getting to your side again America, it's your turn to make a good use of it and strike a goal... make America proud again!

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