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Best Trump Documentary To Date! Debut Show, OBECTified, On Fox! Shows Trump As Never Seen Before!

Debuted on Fox last night! OBJECTified with Harvey Levin. Keep in mind that this show was filmed 6 weeks before he won the election, but didn’t air until last night (November 18). Hillary was also asked to do the show and declined. Fox decided it wouldn’t be fair to air this unless Hillary also did the show. It shows many sides of Trump that are relevant to how he will run the presidency. One of my favorite clips in the show are in the credits. It shows the incredible energy and rigorous schedule that Trump endured. Wonderful collage of photos. The show reveals Trump through the objects he keeps around his house. It includes:

Military School (his rebellious nature)

His son Barron (5ft – 10in at 10 years old)

His kids, Don Jr, Evanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron

Will he change the interior of the White House if elected

No drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, no tattoos. Donald JR alcohol in college!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the New Apprentice

Richard Nixon’s letters to Trump

Trump wanted to do Movies and go to USC not get into business

Trump great baseball player.

Trumps magazine room

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