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WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Google Emails / Hillary Clinton

 There is so much more at stakes than most people can begin to imagine here. Trump's election wouldn't just trigger an unprecedented clean up within the corrupt internal US political establishment. It would also reshape world alliances dramatically ( in and out of the UN council -193 States - triggering waves of investigations (by the US and any State). These investigations would start with the current Obama administration, HRC's active role in Libya and Syria... and would inevitably go back to the Bush administration invading Iraq on the pretext of "war on terror" and "weapons of mass destruction" after 911 (which everyone now knows, was BS. Plus, Saoudi Arabia was heavily implicated in it). – these facts alone are hard evidences the UN security international laws were violated repeatedly, and represent valid reasons to open an unprecedented trial for war crimes, in which top officials from the US and so many Ally States would be held accountable – That is why every powerful player involved in any part of it, now, 2 years ago, 15 years ago, in and out of the US, are doing everything they can to make sure HRC is elected through a borderline dictatorial media campaign. That is why the mainstream media in Great Britain, France, Germany, and most other influent US allies are also conducting an aggressive demonizing Trump campaign while completely covering up all the compromising HRC scandals or the truth in general. The propaganda is the same there than it is in the US. They know that if the sh!t goes down, these governments top official will also be accountable. That is also why the current administration and HRC are so hostile towards Russia (though HRC still accepted donations from Russia in exchange for 20% of US Uranium). Right now, these criminals absolute priority is to get HRC elected so they can continue to protect each other for at least another 4 years, during which, they will do anything they can to ensure more deals are made to keep them protected past then. PLAIN & SIMPLE. They have reached a point where they are so compromised, they have everything to loose. And if it comes down to it, they will use nuclear war against anyone standing up to them. But first, they make sure we are censored. Any dictature starts with press censorship and propaganda. Then usually, we see a militarization of the police...

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