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The Truth About The Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Scandal

 Wikileaks has begun releasing emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, which provide a very interesting look into the Democratic Nominees campaign and raising some significant questions. In an attempt to deflect criticism regarding the information contained within the leaked emails, the Clinton Campaign has promoted the baseless assertion that Russia and Vladimir Putin are behind the leaks and working to actively sabotage Clinton’s campaign. What is the Truth About The Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Scandal?

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  1. Stephan,

    You and Mike Rivero are my two favorite atheist commentators. You make reference to the Democrats having no moral compass, and you are correct. I did hear you refer to "Oh Lord", and that makes me wonder about your commitment to atheism. What is a moral compass? It is either man's invention of what is right and wrong, or it is God's. I pray you might see that objective authority and morals is mightier than subjective, and the objective (God) is eternal.


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