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Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Question: "What makes you so confident that Donald Trump isn't suffering from the same psychopathic, self-serving bacteria plaguing the rest of Washington? Can you describe a time when you thought you found ‘the one’ only to discover that you've contracted political herpes?”

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  1. Russia you got no choice but to nuke them hope by now you do understand that you are on an enclose situation a deadbolt realm where war is unavoidable, unless the American citizens overthrow their dictator who they believe is a democratic elected president, subsequently owned by AIPAC the real master. Main media has inverted their reality having Americans believe the inverse which is you Russia the dictatorship while in reality is them. Main media has turned American citizens into Pavlov dogs. Totally dependent on programed stimulation. Same takes place in Europe but on a lesser %. hitler use the same methods that washington, london, use today, so beware.

  2. democracy does not exist in america wake up you are on a mental dictatorship


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