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Warning USA! The NEW WORLD ORDER has begun! Illuminati plans leaked (Terrible Revelations)

 NEW WORLD ORDER exposed! Very important information!!
Pls share!! If you love USA pls share this important video! NWO - MARTIAL LAW and FEMA CAMPS Let's Share... Share... this video if you LOVE USA and CANADA! must be shared with max number of people! make your part now, Share... share please. Help us.
Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video.

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  1. economical disasters and another gremlin as well. And everyone benefits equally.
    If you watch a presidential debate, you realize is a great show. diffused globally: Now get the Un security council and have the Syrian Israeli Palestine rift, debated; the ISIS lot, reason it out, networked globally, and have a public debate. Everyone will benefit from it, the public will know more facts and transparency as political treatises, the dominant main media, and their television networks, “such as CNN, France 2, abs, and others. The web media Facebook will implode, twitter and the billions of I – we -phones, ringing all over. Transparency returns to the front page even hackers might join in. The world has a world government UN “the people” and the problem can be solved. It can even be applied to economical disasters and another gremlin as well. And everyone benefits equally. A learning technological educational artistic show for the disturbed minds. Distributing the Syrian debate the same way you network trump Hillary debate to the public, make the UN TRANSPARENT.


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