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Top Secrets about Milk (Things you didn't know)


They poison the milk so we get sick. 2 superfoods: eggs and milk they contain all the minerals, nutrients, vitamins we need for long and healthy life. So, the globalists want to poison us, so we don't stay healthy but sick and die fast. Population control such as forced homosexuality, abortion, tainted food and drinking water, MSG, Asparteme, food additives, fluoride, chlorine in the drinking water ALL designed carefully by the globalist scum to make us sick. Also, sometimes false propaganda keeps people from buying healthy food. Coffee was considered as cancer-causing until they admitted: they were wrong, coffee is a heart-healthy drink, even beats certain cancers. Same with tea: they said tea has high level of aluminium. Later they admitted certain teas have very low aluminium (green and white tea) and have more benefit despite that. So, I buy milk from local farmers. I go to see the cows, they give me the milk, I take it home, boil it fast, cool it down and store it in the fridge. It's an awesome drink! Healthy and good tasting. Mass production of milk introduced additives, the rHTB hormone, additives and preservatives all hurt you. Buy from farmers, or if you can't do it, buy at your supermarket's organic farmers. I am not young now, I drink milk since - well, you know how long, just like everyone. The main thing is, I never stopped to drink fresh milk, consume diaries such as yogurt and cheese a lot.

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