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The Truth About World War III | United States vs. Russia

Whole the United States media distracts the American population with manufactured political scandals, the U.S. government has threatened an act of war against Vladimir Putin and Russia. An an attempt to shield Hillary Clinton from the fallout of the Wikileaks revelations and the onslaught of Donald Trump, the Obama Administration has taken actions which bring us to the brink of World War III.

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  1. britain is a has being nation is over for the £ and the brithish version of animal farm could as well collapse quite soon, citizens can be saved from their monster government and royals !!! so prepare yourself for some nice surprises !!! BREXIT IS A TOTAL BREXIT something farage neither MURDOCH; did not know neither boris johnson the player. as now is MAY DAY. and don't ask why !!!

  2. since you love trump, the only way he has a chance is when jill stein jill 2016 replaces hillary otherwise is over for trump, he cannot win, as elections are already done clinton is the choice of the eliotes. not trump

  3. if trump is so independent why does he need AIPAC ? jewish bankers that back him up, a men that is against the establishment does not need AIPAC trump does, WHY,, ? hillary is with the establishment so she has AIPAC with her ? do you get it.???


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