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The Crash of 2017 Not to be Delayed Any Longer Harry Dent

One of our most popular and well researched guests, Harry continues to deliver on his predictions of deflation and a stock market bubble popping. He has a new book just released "The Sale of a Lifetime" putting his name on the line for his prediction. His take on gold may shock you, be sure to stick around until that part of the interview.

01:30 Harry's New Book & Coming Great Market Bubble Burst
03:40 Be very careful what assets you're holding
05:30 Severe deflation in prices, Bonds to go up
07:00 FED/Central Banks Are out of Stimulants
10:10 Get out now, fantastic opportunity coming
11:00 Harry's gold $700 prediction...Sell Now
13:40 What about flow of capital to mining sector?
15:10 China: biggest bubble to burst of modern history
16:10 In 20 years, gold could be $k3 to $5,000 an oz
16:40 Millenials are not spending until 2023-2055
19:50 Get his new book & more from Harry Dent

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