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Jim Marrs Weighs In On 2016 Presidental Election - Just Energy Radio

In this episode we will be speaking with our good friend the incomparable Jim Marrs and finding out what he has uncovered about the emails, the cover-ups, the rigging and other things identified as "conspiracy theories" in this potentially world changing election between Donald Trump and Hillery Clinton. Watch the full episode commercial free by going to Each week on Just Energy Radio, Dr. Rita is joined by experts from the fields of astrology, alternative health, ancient mysteries, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, metaphysics and spirituality, paranormal phenomena, quantum physics, UFO's and alien abduction and more...

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  1. you mean the freak show the us elections is a freaks shows, good for the land of the slave home of the insane.

  2. kennedy got shot therefore trump cannot do much as he reaches the red line they will dispose of him


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