IT'S OFFICIAL: New World Order Announced for 2030! Wake Up America! EVIDENCES! (2016)

 IMPORTANT NEWS Exposed! All American People Need to see this! Please share with urgency. This is very important to share! TV News is showing more proof! This is TV News! This is real facts. The power of Internet/YouTube is helping American people!

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  1. The only solution is president Putin and De Gaulle & history repeats itself with some modifications: Back in 2003, Dominque de Villepin disposed a wonderful speech at the UN, today 2016 his speech has gather further interest, and somehow reveals the Bush Cheney mistakes as France position as sovereign diplomacy. Having Russia and Germany oppose to the foolish adventure in 2003. 1967 De Gaulle’s speech 50 years later, reveals the same truth of an independent sovereign nation versus a foolish mistake. His desire 1967 borders for Israel, exit of NATO- OTAN, and return to the gold standards were and are today the only solution for peace on the middle east and the rest of the planet. However, de Gaulle’s today as a fact is de Villepin’s UN speech in 2003, a recurrence of time untimely related to France and his independent sovereignty. There is no de Gaulle in France today, however his words exist same as de Villepin words in 2003 & today. By France exercising the will of the De Gaulle, it returns to the French position of 1967; and as an independent sovereign nation becomes automatically the global center of diplomacy in 2016, which was probably De Gaulle’s optimism and the role of La France on the current world. No longer Washington or London but Paris becomes the appropriate place for diplomacy, and France plays its predictable role. As France returns to his glorious historical past it revives itself as a sovereign nation and gives an example to the other nations in instants the reason of ethics, diplomacy and harmony returns to the chaotic reality of today. Russia automatically returns to his past and is no, longer the ideology of an empire rather the territory of Europe. the new 2017 European union that goes from the Atlantic to the pacific. Interestingly 1967 is far away, but not so is 2003; and the Iraq war. This recurrence of events is not at random, it is predisposed for you to see, however the similarities are not perceived, Iraq is still at war, and the terrorism continues, exactly the same way as De Gaulle mentioned after the 1967 Israeli war, which simultaneous was coordinated with the war in Vietnam. Today 2016 you got china & the Philippines. This are facts that reality shows to the face of the many, as is the isis war, in Iraq. Is also a fact the technological services of the media – display. Therefore, the 21 century offers new ways of communication. Arts & Sciences.
    On the science side of new technologies YouTube and other outlets shows the films and documentaries worldwide, this method yarns the users into a webform of a world; however how this world would look like is reflected on the way the world is shaped as a material technology usage. However, on the science side of art ubiquity, technology is ubiquity as a tool when used by human’s mind, however the multidimensional dimensional realm is what reality is created by. The dimensions of the mind are the volume of the matter perceived by the mind, and created as tangible to the mind, observing that material goes from the smallest to the largest. How deep you can perceive as how far you can perceive is virtual associated to the dimensions the mind perceives and creates as form in time & space. However, the mind is restricted to his body which is restrained by the whole living species of the planet. Breathing is a universal act essential to all living on the planet. The multidimensional perception of the human gives him the role of balancing the living essentials so he can continue inhaling and exhaling. Art is the vehicle of the harmonizing act of the mind, of his ascension and dissention of his balancing time. The primordial material of the mind is art. The prime tool is technology. Technology has brought you De Gaulle in the 21 century and time has rearranged itself into a position that makes his words the only possible solution. Artistically it makes sense the time travelling of reality the triangle of perception and the timeline of history as it repeats itself.


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