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Greedy Bankers Beware - Anonymous Million Mask March 2016

Greedy Bankers Beware - Anonymous Million Mask March 2016 Wouldn't it be nice knowing that you would never lose your home to the banks, because they loaned you the money to pay for it. So many people have lost their homes being repossessed by the banks even though they have already paid hundreds of thousands in repayments, only to lose it all and their house. Banks get away with this because our corrupt governments who accept huge donations from bankers, basically serving those who fund them into power, allow them to legally do foreclosures. Our governments can remove control of our greedy bankers loaning money to purchase one of the biggest purchases in our lives, a home. We have to work almost all our lives to repay the loan amount and the ridiculous amount of interest, putting much strain on families and those who are just trying their best to get ahead in live. You and all of us are basically SLAVES to debt, it has to STOP. #RemoveTheBankers will be one of #Anonymous main points at our up and coming #MillionMaskMarch this #Nov5th2016 and we encourage all families to join us at this peaceful march and bring your signs about how you feel about our worlds greedy bankers.

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