Monday, October 31, 2016

Gerald Celente “Obama's 'rap' more disgusting than Trump talk“

we are in a deflationary environment......decrease in consumer activity spending, economy is 70% consumer spending, you cannot have inflation without velocity of money, the velocity of money is decreasing. Don't believe me ask Japan they have been trying to fight deflation for 30 years , how has that worked out? Celeste said it himself, "we're in a global slow down". That is deflationary. Any increase in interest rates by the Fed will only exacerbate the global recession, reduce consumer spending, and elevate the dollar. That is being caught in the whirlpool of deflation Hence, the Fed will not raise interest rates because they are stuck..... look at what happened when they rose interest rates by .25 last December the markets and global economy cratered at the beginning of the year.... Let's talk China o you recall what China was doing last July and August? Devaluing their currency? Why? 1. To increase liquidity for their huge real estate bubble, 2. to try and stimulate exports, 3 yes to divest away from the dollar. As much as people are in love and highly think of China, China is dependent on the world because of their population 1.5 to 1.7 billion people. They cannot self sustain with that many people where they stand today and the near future. The US population is 20% of china's and our economy is larger than theirs.

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