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End Times Headline News - October 19th, 2016

 The world inches towards war with lawlessness and madness abounding. Blood fills the land as the U.S. launches offensives across the world. With a final debate tonight, Clintons emails exposing felony after felony for most of us and with 19 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes, and 52 seconds until the elections its only in Gods hands what will happen.

We can't be certain about anything in the life we're in right now, but we can be certain that the second we breathe our last breath, that we spend our eternity with Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, our Savior, and the One who came to live a perfect life and died as a perfect sacrifice so that we may live through his blood. That if we believe upon Jesus Christ that we might be saved and that begins our journey with God and that through Jesus Christs' sacrifice we can be saved. That is when we can begin obedience to God which is keeping his laws statutes and commandments and living like we want to be soldiers for God and picked when He comes or our time is over here.

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