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CHAOS IN CALAIS JUNGLE - Illegal Migrants Flee Calais Jungle as France Shuts It Down

 CHAOS IN CALAIS JUNGLE - Illegal Migrants Flee Calais Jungle as France Shuts It Down French police begin clearing so-called 'jungle' camp this morning Migrants and refugees are being loaded onto buses and taken to asylum centres Massive police operation hopes to see the end of the huge camp But aid workers say majority of migrants are planning to stay in Calais Police warn "No Borders" anarchist group planning to disrupt operation Q&A: What will happen to child refugees when the camp is razed?

Thousands of people have been loaded onto buses outside the squalid Calais migrant camp and taken to asylum centres dotted around the French countryside in a bid by the government to shut down the so-called 'jungle' once and for all.

Aid agencies had warned that some migrants could try to resist being relocated, though there were only a handful of minor scuffles with police on Monday morning.

Hundreds of migrants who grew frustrated with lining up for the buses headed back to the camp later in the day, complaining that they were not being processed quickly enough.

The major three-day operation sought to clear the sprawling shanty town near the Calais port - a symbol of Europe's failure to resolve its migrant crisis - of its estimated 6,000 - 10,000 occupants. Considering activists from hard-Left group No Borders have arrived in the Calais area and have set up home in squats, there is a high risk the activists have penetrated the camp with a view to influencing the migrants as they did in March," a police spokesman for the Calais region said.

Police say they have set up a total of 12,000 homes for migrants in Calais around the country, though they estimate the camp's current population to be around 8,000 people. Aid workers say it could be far higher. As officials and charity workers spread out across the Jungle on Sunday distributing flyers about the camp's impending demolition, some were still clinging to hopes of a new life across the Channel.

"They'll have to force us to leave. We want to go to Britain," said Karhazi, a young Afghan among many of the migrants who had their hearts set on Britain, believing it to offer better prospects. Migrants queued peacefully to be processed, and 40 of the 60 coaches that will carry them to migrant centres across France have now left. France Calais Jungle Boat Shipping Container Migrant Immigration UK "United Kingdom" GB "Great Britain" Paris "Paris France" French Visa "UK Visa" British "UK Passport" Passport fire 2016 2017 future dreams dream life lifestyle camp camping tent winter europe "european union" european force stop shut africa aid charity news media entertainment "elite nwo agenda"

There is concern that some people will refuse to go because they still want to get to the UK, and that weekend clashes with police could be repeated. alex jones gerald celente false flag truth agenda new world order illuminati freemason trump hillary clinton election protest collapse

The dismantling of the camp is expected to start on Tuesday. The authorities in the camp are determining whether individual migrants are with family members or travelling alone, and whether they are deemed to be vulnerable.

After processing they will leave for various parts of France and be given the opportunity to either claim asylum or face deportation. The French interior ministry said it "does not want to use force but if there are migrants who refuse to leave, or NGOs who cause trouble, the police might be forced to intervene".

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