The War For Western Civilization | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

What side are you on in the ongoing war for the future western civilization? Paul Joseph Watson joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter riots in Charlotte, continued terrorist attacks on United States soil, the role of the mainstream media as disinformation agents and the importance of this years presidential election.

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  1. you see jhon kerry the wimp has main media tell you; the public that what he claims is reality in fact is a lie, people believe it but later they understand is a lie the result is terrorism and soon the whole planet will become a terrorist nest and they the governments and main media shall be the victims. they hope a police state will protect them. but they won’t.

  2. this is how terrorism's is created; the planet knows that NATO Otan are responsible but NATO Otan insist that is Russia in the end people get so angry that they become terrorist, and perhaps this is the aim kill Europeans but as long these gang of NATO OTAN AIPAC, WASHINGTON ISRAEL AND THE UN keep their illusions of manipulation by main media of public opinion, terrorism will exist, will increase and will destroy NATO OTAN and the west as a whole, or the so called western dictatorship of the mind. as truth will prevail and truth is the opposite of all these lies by the main media. you can ignore reality, you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality and France has already collected its share of ignoring reality so is Germany and parts of Europe.


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