New World Order Nightmare Revealed at U.N. and More!

 From the Internet being handed over to the UN, to the Arch of Baal featured in New York, to the protests, uptick in violent crimes, and the shocking reason behind Obama's speech at the UN recently, this video might just wake you up before the nightmare gets worse.

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  1. Jocob, It is ironic indeed to hear a Khazarian jew complaining about the violations about our personal and civil rights, considering what the israelis have done to the Palistinians and others in the middle east.
    The jews have since 1879 Theodore Hertzl with the creation of zionism the worst record of human rights. America has now been hijacted by Israel and now we see our rights descending down to the hellish violence one finds in Isreal with walls, guns, bulldozers, prisons, chemical weapons etc.
    And the jews now complain when it comes back to USA. The jews created all these horrors to the levels we find today. Even Guantanamo jail is a jewish demand and the central banks all over the world are dominated under israeli control. Yes New World Order is the Jewish World Order.
    Jews bring wars, weapons, and hell to the entire world in their rapacious quest for world rule. What´s with you jews anyway? The crimes are especially mendacious coming out of Mossad even with 911 etc. But you won´t put the blame where it belongs Jacob.


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