Jeff Rense On UFO Destroying Isreali Satellite On Launch Pad

Jeff Rense On UFO Destroying Isreali Satellite On Launch Pad

There are MANY races of ET. The benevolent races LOVE humanity and wish to see us evolve, they consider us THEIR FAMILY. The evil races who care NOT for our species and only PREY and PARASITE upon the masses for their own benefit, are currently controlling much of the government and the planet,.......they want to keep us enslaved. Energy is FREE,.....they keep it suppressed. Food replicators exist, and NEVER again would a living creature have to be hurt for our sustenance. Every being on the planet could be properly cared for and feed nutritionally. There is a cure (that was offered to the controllers in government) for EVERY DISEASE, and the vast majority of the diseases were CREATED by the dark side for population control. This offer was rejected out of hand. The people in government do not represent us. We want FREEDOM, PEACE, HARMONY, FREE ENERGY, FOOD REPLICATORS, CURES FOR DISEASE, JUSTICE FOR THE WORLD, we want to live in abundance and health! We want to meet our space family,.....the ones who LOVE us and want our most high spiritually! ♥ I would also like my own space ship, with a CD player, it would cut down on the time it takes to get to the mall! (Giggle) Also, humanity needs to know that there are THREE OTHER WORLDS ready for habitation. They have been terra-formed, and have the climate of Michigan. There is NO need for the monsters on this planet for GREED,.....they are just plain evil.

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  1. So America took Israel's money to launch their satellite and then destroyed it- and kept their money. America clearly knew what was being launched and accepted it as NOT dangerous to humanity. "Don't touch it" because of what was used to destroy it - NOT because the Satellite contained anything harmful.


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