Is Putin Controlling US Elections? Brother Nathanael

Americans still don't seem to get it . The synagogue of satan (the fake jews) own and control every aspect of the United States. They own the fed which controls theoney 4 out 9 of the Supreme Court Justices are Jewish. The have the most powerful lobby ind the United States (aipac) and and the control the all of the major news outlets including Hollywood. So don't tell me that these evil bastards don't have a hand in all the evil that going on in the world. See revelation 2:9 and 3:9 if you think I'm lying . Even the most high YAH has told us who these people are yet we still blindly support them by giving the the full protection of the United States military and yearly funding in the billions of dollars and on top of that weknow that they are not the people of the book (the bible). Whether you believe in the most high YAH or not you can deny the facts that i have just presented.

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