Thursday, August 25, 2016

Leo Zagami | Exposing The Illuminati & The New World Order

Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts Illuminati defector, Leo Zagami. As a former 33rd degree Freemason, ranking member of the p2 lodge and born from a lineage of aristocratic Illuminati blood, Leo has acute knowledge of the powerful network consisting nefarious elite and and exactly what their future plans entail. After years of grooming by the powers that be, in 2006 Leo dissolved many of his alliances and started exposing their members and agendas. Author of works such as Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 2: The Time of Revelation and Tribulation Leading Up to 2020, Leo offers an authentic insights into what we can expect in years to come. 2:10 Greg and Leo start by breaking down his story for newcomers by defining the Illuminati and elaborating on his history with them. Listen as Leo describes how the Illuminati is a fragmented group of secret societies that recently unified their intentions to work together for the dawn of a new era. 6:00 Listen as Leo explains the barriers and challenges he's had to overcome in order to bring this information to the public. Listen as Leo outlines his works and details his aristocratic family lineage. 15:42 Listen as Leo details the Masonic roots of the Rastafarian movement, dating back to the Ancient Mystic Order of Ethopia. 16:50 Leo elaborates on another theme found in his book, the rise of freemasonry throughout China, or what he calls the rise of the dragon. 20:00 Listen as Greg and Leo discuss the ethnicity of the power pyramid. As Leo states, when you come from these bloodlines and view it in your daily life it becomes very obvious. And for a person in his position, gatherings with these people can become quite controversial. Leo goes onto describe a manifesto written by a new movement of Rosicrucians that emerged in the early 2000s and their core belief in the resurrection of Christ and that true Christianity it not merely a question of but racial karma. 26:00 Leo discusses a past interview with Project Camelot in which he mentions both Zecharia Sitchin and Balducci. He brings us up-to-date on where his most recent level of research into this topic has led him. 28:30 Join Greg and Leo as the detail for listeners that the Vatican is hiding what they're doing in Mount Graham and how the New World Order is hiding the alien agenda because of their involvement in it. 34:42 Listen as Leo details how the worldwide conspiracy is happening now with the US elections. As we all the the Clinton family in conjunction with friends such as George Soros, have created an unstoppable machine with far reaching tentacles. 38:50 Greg and Leo dive into the meat on the bones by discussing the elite's use of occult magic. Leo walks us through the specifics of the relationship between the elites and entities they use as well as tips for psychic defense. 44:42 Join Greg and Leo and they detail the sighting of the Holy Mary of Medjugorje. With bizarre circumstances circulating around these visions, the Pope has dismissed any notion of it's legitimacy, and several mysterious disappearances, including a priest have started happening. 47:00 The United Nations building in New York curiously has a room for mediation which Leo contends is where the New World Order occult direct their egregore as part of a project for the New World Order. Satanism and theosophy are deeply entrenched beliefs of many elites in the UN and Illuminati. 56:00 Listen as Greg and Leo elaborate on the future calamities humanity faces. As Leo states the dice has been cast with plans set into motion we must prepare to endure these tumultuous years leading up to 2020. With an assortment of catastrophes on the menu, Greg and Leo chew on what the elite plans to serve. Want more Leo Zagami? Check out his books Confessions on an Illuminati Vol. 1&2 on Amazon, as well as his work Pope Francis: The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism in the Ddecline of the Catholic Church.

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