How To Stay Sane In An Insane World

Question: “I am a 31-year-old, wife and mother who finds it very frustrating to have to participate in a statist society. Reading the newspaper is absolutely infuriating at times and I often find it very difficult to live among the idiocy of the many. How do you best cope and succeed in statist societies?”

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  2. Dear Friend,
    We are all going through the same thing, in the insane currents of geo politics. Your feelings are normal. Briefly--live for the day only---for the moment only--stay in the now and thank God that a drone is not bombing your roof in as NATO does in many places today. The world has become so monstrous that that one must live in THIS moment and be appreciative for your food, house, clothes, a job, and your family. Prayer does help because it gives you a feeling that you are doing something about your life.
    BUT, the world has always been a mess. It´s not really anything new.
    Be pragmatic and thankful for any blessing you may have. Good health,
    Tranquil living surroundings, and don´t count on family and friends to fill in the blanks. The more advanced you are the more primative are the others around you. Learn to be rich and profound in your own skin. Henry Purcel wrote a beautiful song called " SOLITUDE" try to You Tube it and see that your solitude is not something . I stopped trying to expect the world make sense, because it doesn´t. Just live your own life- you are not responsible for others. If people are angry with you, it´s not your problem. rw


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