Bix Weir 2016 MUST WATCH Economıc Collapse in Aug Sept

- Will America unify behind one presidential ticket? ►0:54
- Collapse coming in August, September time-frame ►2:30
- There is no chance of unifying the country ►4:39
- Why is the economy so fragile right now? ►6:03
- Gold and silver market rigging ►8:24
- Will gold and silver supply disappear when the collapse hits? ►9:52
Viewer Questions:
- Have you given much thought to the prospect of central banks issuing their own digital "Bitcoin like" currencies in the future? ►11:39
- Is the gold to bitcoin ratio going to be a major new "index" to look at? What if we fixed or backed Bitcoin (or other crypto) with gold? ►13:05
- If there is as much gold as you claim in Chocolate Mountain and gold not allocated on Governments books, what makes it so valuable and precious then? Is it not thus a game of artificial scarcity like the oil game? ►15:31
- Are the "good guys" or "bad guys" winning right now? ►17:10
- How will the inclusion of Yuan into SDR Currency basket affect the others in the basket as well as prices of gold and silver? ►20:47
- If this debt cannot be paid back, such that a global default will ensue leading to an inevitable reset, is there an outside chance we can somehow avoid a catastrophic global collapse? Is "UNITY" the answer? ►22:20
- How can we prepare for a collapse? ►25:16

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