Bernie Voters Going To Trump -- Hillary Is Done

Hillary Clinton is sinking fast as the DNC begins, Bernie voters are jumping ship and landing on the Trump Train.

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  1. you describe Jill2016, as strategy she is 3%. therefore trump is impersonating Jill stein green party, as the victim the men that is not on the media the underdog, as clinton fails his victimisation trump increases and he revels the oppressed minority impersonating jill 2016 reality as not being on the main media. however is not him trump the underdog but Jill 2016 in relation to the media, worldwide but Jill2016 and this is accomplished with the media help that blocks her from public view, "main media Barons" remember modern middle ages. to survey why people act one way or another is another matter. but jill2016, is your real choice. why a veil is preventing you to see as a timeline?. winston smith 1984 . deleted history that was his job, erase the past. in other words the crossroad has become Jill 2016 & TRUMP. as having hillary win or trump will create a rapture, therefore the choice is already made. and is better for trump as for JILL 2016.


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