Are we at the doorsteps of WW3 -- End Times Headline News - July 31st, 2016

Are we at the doorsteps of World War 3 and nobody knows it because of all the false flags and all of the looky here looky there news that we're seeing. With Russia saying they are about to preemptively strike NATO and United States being the FrontRunner in NATO and United States deploying THAAD missile systems all over world, there is certainly a good chance that mystery Babylon is about to get rocked. These are your end time Headline News for today with news from across the world as it pertains to the biblical perspective of Prophecy. Never before in our world's history have we ever been at the of what could possibly be the end times. Jesus says he has to return or there will be no flesh left and we are certainly at those times. There's no time left and I would rather be a howling Watchmen that was wrong then a silent man was right. I do these videos for your soul and for your families souls.

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