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The Humanity Party is not delusional in believing that the appointment of any popular politician or celebrity will produce a successful challenge to the two-party Republican or Democratic candidates. Vote Anonymous 2016's first objective is to give the people hope and educate them about the power of their vote. Anonymity offers a united and equal face to each and every person who legally registers to vote and then uses the write-in option to send a clear and powerful message to the balloted candidates. It is Vote Anonymous 2016's intent to rally the people to show up at voting booths across the country and record a vote of ANONYMOUS. The Humanity Party™ hopes that ANONYMOUS wins the majority of votes and sends a strong message to the political powers that control our lives. It is our intent to send a message to the governmental authorities that we demand drastic changes; and most importantly, that we provide the solutions and define the change that we desire. Without life, there would be no need for liberty. Without liberty, there can be no individual pursuit of happiness. Whereas the pursuit of happiness is an individual search for joy that variably differs according to each person’s unique desires, governments should not exist to deter from or intervene into any singular, individual pursuit of happiness. Proper government should exist to guarantee and support our ability to live (right to life) and protect us (right to liberty) in our individual pursuits of happiness, allowing each of us to choose our own form of happiness and feel equally safe and secure in its pursuit.

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  1. Describe Jill2016, as strategy she is 3%. therefore trump is impersonating Jill stein green party, as the victim the men that is not on the media the underdog, as clinton fails his victimisation trump increases and he revels the oppressed minority impersonating jill 2016 reality as not being on the main media. however is not him trump the underdog but Jill 2016 in relation to the media, worldwide but Jill2016 and this is accomplished with the media help that blocks her from public view, "main media Barons" remember modern middle ages. to survey why people act one way or another is another matter. but jill2016, is your real choice. why a veil is preventing you to see as a timeline?. winston smith 1984 . deleted history that was his job, erase the past. in other words the crossroad has become Jill 2016 & TRUMP. as having hillary win or trump will create a rapture, therefore the choice is already made. and is better for trump as for JILL 2016. Green Party.

  2. an art revolution . to write the constitution.


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