Paul Craig Roberts Post Brexit EU Referendum Interview

 My talk with Dr Paul Craig Roberts about the current, and upcoming repercussions and possibilities after the Brexit and EU Referendum. Paul quotes some of the arrogance and audacity of the patronizing EU, and warns and reminds us not to hesitate, but to escape its entrapment as soon as possible before it is too late....

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  1. washington AIPAC current roman empire confirms, British are not allowed to have independence must obey AIPAC washington. Brexit is an illusion Brits are AIPAC NATO slaves: obedient servants, however follow French president Hollande and act quickly to obtain freedom, suggestion pink Floyd. Roger waters for prime minister.

  2. and the current state of affairs. another Ottoman empire version 2016. Jesus tactics: to defeat the enemy without losing a soldier time has to jump from the present to the future. Return to the past rewind in the future and recreate the present.


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