Leaked Bilderberg Documents Reveal Globalist Plot For European Union

Josh Sigurdson spent close to ten hours compiling information on the European Union from recent Bilderberg Meeting leaks regarding the European Union.
The quotations brought to you in this video come largely from 1989 to 2002 where the European Union grew exponentially from the EC. The documents talk about the plan to create a global monetary union, a global government, brainwashing countries into willingly giving up their sovereignty, expanding the union to Russia, creating the building blocks of a global government with global regulations and global central banking. The creation of the Euro is mentioned several times before the currency even existed and how the IMF is technically a global government in itself. The documents also go into creating a military super power between the east and the west alongside NATO where the US is the military strongman and Europe is the nation builder. The documents even talk about most of Europe's opposition to genetically modified foods. At one point, anonymous globalists at the Bilderberg Group talk about potentially creating a G2 between Europe and the United States. That's where the last Bilderberg document leaks leave off.

These leaks are historic as journalists and investigators have been studying what happens at the Bilderberg meetings for close to 60 years as all the top dignitaries (royals, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, major CEOs, mainstrea media and globalists through and through) meet in private with absolutely no transparency expecting the vast public to be stupid enough to think they aren't planning anything. That they're just wasting resources all coming together to have a meaningless conversation that they feel must be private.
As Josh was told when he confronted Bush's speech writer and Bilderberg member David Frum, the EU and Euro were planned at Bilderberg.
When Josh asked Bilderberg steering committee member Lord Conrad Black about that statement, Conrad Black claimed no such thing happened at Bilderberg and that they didn't talk about globalism, but simply, "how to handle the Russians."
Well we now know absolutely that this is not true. Globalism is the goal of the Bilderberg Group Meetings.

This is an inside look into madness. The globalist plan for a New World Order and how we the people can be used as pawns in their game as they push for increased power over us as we bow down in servitude. Pawns in a game of chess, sacrificing ourselves for the king and queen. We were once called crazy, we are now vindicated and most of us wish we weren't vindicated. Viewing the world through rose colored glasses is much more comfortable. However, we must understand the negatives in order to create a positive. In order to come out on top as free beautiful individuals instead of slaves to a global order we did not consent to.

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen break down these revealing documents.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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