Monday, June 27, 2016

End Times Headline News - June 27th, 2016

 We are going at the speed of light with Biblical prophecy and there is no turning back. Today's headlines are off the chain like always and it may be worse today than the rest. You have the pope coming out saying we need to apologize to all the gays, you have satanic rituals they are involved in, you have Israel and Turkey making peace under the Vatican's hand, the world economies are spiraling out of control with over 2 trillion lost on Friday and negative numbers early this morning, you have shootings all over, massive gay pride parades in New York and L.A. with millions showing up, you have public lesbian and gay men proposals during these pride parades and sodomy so out of control it makes Soddom and Ghommorah look holy, a mass stabbing at a white supremacy rally, car bombs in Lebanon, police brawling over bribes, and more. Nothing is holy anymore, YHWH has been shut down everywhere in the world, the false religion catholic church is bringing the one world religion together and out of this chaos in Europe you will see the anti Christ rise and come to power.

Folks, these are the end days. No time in history has anything like this ever been some in your face and so extreme. Watchman and real people of YHWH that believe in Yeshua will be gone soon and if you don't pick God now, your eternity will be in a Godless eternity that sounds horrible at best. Is it so hard to imagine a loving God who who play by His own rules and send His only begotten Son to die for us so that when we believe we will not die a spiritual death.

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