Coast To Coast AM - June 26, 2016 The Clintons & UFOs, Government UFO Secrets

Coast To Coast AM - June 26, 2016 The Clintons & UFOs, Government UFO Secrets

For the first half, Grant Cameron described his decades researching U.S. Presidents and their interest in and connection to the UFO subject. In 2006, he filed Freedom Of Information Act Requests with the Clinton Library. He received about 1000 pages of material, of which a small portion was UFO-related. He also received a number of pages related to the so-called "Rockefeller UFO Initiative" in which multimillionaire Laurence Rockefeller attempted to force the hand of Bill Clinton to disclose what he and the government knew about UFOs. Cameron said that Clinton refused to ever meet with Rockefeller but would get briefings from his wife, because all communications between the millionaire and the administration were routed through Hillary’s office in order to keep the subject away from direct association with the President.

He has found that of recent administrations, the Clinton White House was the most interested in UFOs, which was due in great part to John Podesta, who was known as the "X-Files Man" while serving as Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House. Since he is now Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and will likely be hired into the same position again if she is elected, there is great hope that he will spearhead new efforts to release any official files on UFOs. Cameron was careful to emphasize that Podesta has been the instigator on disclosure, not Hillary. In the last hour of the segment, Cameron spoke about the issue of consciousness as it relates to the UFO subject. He recalled a quote from scientist Dr. Eric Walker, who told a researcher in 1980 that meaningful UFO information would only be revealed to those who knew about ESP "and how to use it."


Christopher Mellon spent nearly 20 years in the federal government serving in various national security positions. In the second half, he discussed his experiences within the U.S. intelligence community and government interest in UFOs. Mellon served on a small committee that provided oversight of all Defense Department special access programs, including visits to Area 51 and other sensitive facilities. He recalled that his interest was first kindled by a home movie that was shown to his class in boarding school when he was a teenager, which depicted a "large golden, disc-shaped object." He later decided on a career in intelligence and occasionally used his position to try and find out more on the subject of UFOs.

Coast To Coast AM - June 26, 2016 The Clintons & UFOs, Government UFO Secrets

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