The US Dollar Is The Biggest Bubble on the Planet And Has Just Began To Pop

Jeff interviews The Dollar Vigilante’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos. Topics include: Ed’s staggeringly profitable multi-bagger option calls for TDV subscribers in 2016 and his astonishing record of successful stock picks and market predictions over the last decade, the 3 commonly held myths concerning the US dollar, the disastrous decisions of the central banks, the real effects of quantitative easing, the mistaken belief in the US dollar as a safe haven, US dollar and dollar assets very widely over-owned, the BRICS nations have not been inflating as much as the US nor has Japan, the biggest bubble in the world is the us stock market and bond market, the US is the world’s biggest debtor, US markets the most vulnerable to foreign actions, when the US stock market goes down the dollar will go with it, the last time there were zero interest rates was after WWII, a real risk of hyperinflation, the real story is of the dollar crisis.

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