Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will China Clash With The U.S And Cause Economic Collapse?

 In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the tense relationship the U.S has with the world's 2nd largest economy in the world China. We go over the military geopolitical moves regarding the man made south asian Chinese military bases, the new Chinese backed Yuan that cannot be traded with the dollar and an economic forecast of both countries. We will keep you updated on the rising tensions between the two countries

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    what gives value to a currency, "petrol" however gold, moreover knowledge. so time to nationalize all resources make your decision of no longer accepting any dollars for exchange of anything and print money to recycle goods.
    therefore the value of the currency is its petrol gold value underground . the river of gold. as the islamic say. "problem solved" gold coins..:::: exit dollar now dump the toilet paper, exit IMF, forget wall street, ...!! act now..!!!
    china and russia are on the list better join forces..!!


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