The Empire Doesn't Care Who You Vote For - Here's what actually matters

Elections are meaningless power rituals that only pit personas against each other in an establishment-endorsed Two Minutes Hate. So if these political wrestlemania matches don't change society, what does? Join us today for a fascinating conversation with Dan Sanchez about his recent article, "What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?"

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  1. if you american idiots chose a criminal as president you cannot blame him, blame yourself, even if 80% of americans are brainwashed, is as well their own fault. so beware G W BUSH, did not force anyone, neither trump or Obama. so if 90% of americans die is their own fault. same happened to hitler, he did not force anyone, they were just gullible ...!!!! same as you today ..!!! so wake up folks. if you can.


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