Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Coming Antichrist

Political commentator and social activist Mark Dice joins the show to break down the coming beast system that the public will be forced to accept or die.

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  1. 2002 Congress removed "the restrainer" and overthrew the govt into the control of an international beast system of which the current hired little hoorn'mouthpiece is Lynn Blodgett who has dictatorial powers of most of USA now. In 2002, Congress took away funding of any internal audit controls and funding of criminal investigations and prosecutions of govt contractors which is not running the govt and making the rules and changing the laws and hacking systems as they please they own. Never heard of him, yet you live under his rule in more ways then any realize. And he is 'replaceable by a few of an international cabal that is not a govt but controls govts and is not the original ones who held control for hundreds of years now. The one directly responsible? on the way to jail for covering up his perversions. Many new members of Congress and some there in 2002 have no idea what they voted for in 2002. Controlled by 'them' to not read what they vote for. Don't they know not to sign something they have not read? Let your memebers of Congress know they need to make sure that every agency budget has a line for money for internal audits and systems sudits of all govt contractors and money for OIGS's and other law enforcers for investigations and prosecutions of govt contractors. Otherwise, IT DOES NOT EXIST Its why no one really know where the TARP money went in 2008 as that simple oversight was left out and lies told of where the money was going to be used for. there is 23 trillion sent to the Federal Reserve to send to parties or persons and never arrived. Yet Congress will not vote for a full audit.based on what the partial audit found. WE ARE NOT IN DEBT WE HAVE A SURPLUS AND WE NEED TO ASK FOR THE MONEY BACK TO HAVE THEM SEND IT SOMEWHERE ELSE TO ELMINATE THE DEBT AND "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" Looks like we have a 4 trillion dollar surplus to do a lot with for each one and entity . Linda Joy Adams


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