Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shocking New | Countries Freaked Out In Starting WW3

The next false Flag ,In which ever country it happen's in, will result In The army of 21 million, Which Includes 2 million anonymous WILL come after the Elites , Rothschild's , George sorrows, Bilderberg group , of which we know of Every Member. All the Players of the World banking family's. The Government's of Every corrupt Country . You Will DIE . There are many that have been approached already. You WILL not be safe Underground , The codes to your Most Secret abode are Infiltrated . MI5, SAS, CIA, DHS, The FEDS ARE FUCKED Big time, Your wifes ,Kids , Mum's , Dads are dead. The Queen of England, The Pope, past & Present are DEAD . Just Try The next False Flag & BOOM ... This Is no Joke.

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