Why do Islamic jihadists hate us?

 What is the real reason that radical Muslims hate us peace-loving citizens of the world? That is the subject of this video.

Rob discusses the disgusting murderers who attacked innocent people in Paris and the ideology of radical Islam in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and around the world. He explains why apologizing on behalf of radicals is wrongheaded and downright dangerous.

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  1. Let me give you idiotys some clues why you are hated by Jihadists
    1) You bomb schools and hospitals
    2) you bomb weddings and Funerals
    3) You bomb their wives and children
    4) You bomb their homes to rubble
    5) You invade and occupy their countries
    6) You Shame their Prophet Mohammed
    7) Need I go on?

  2. The terrorists attacked Iraq in 2003 and murdered a million people. Madeleine Albright thought it was a price worth paying to murder a million children under 5 by American sanctions. Jihadists murder thousand but the arrogant US idiots murder millions around the world. The world hates the mass murderers of the west and they want revenge against those arrogant Yankee bastards.

  3. Much of this has to do with "Intelligence Agencies" provacatuering Terrism... but we should also be mindful that rules of empires applies to Islam just as it does in Christendom - beyond that in the 19th & 20th centuries there was a movement to get Islam more in line with the rest of the world. The throwback group is the Wahabists - which before the PetroDollar were a bunch of nomadic nobodies. The Rothschild PetroDollar funded this abberation and spread it far and wide


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