John Stossel ~ Sanders Praised Communists

Bernie is ignorant. I have been to Nicaragua. They do have free public medical care but only the poor use it. Anyone with money goes to a private hospital, health center, or doctor. The reality is that the private systems provide better care than the free public ones do. There is a reason why there are still private health centers in Nicaragua and it is because the free ones are no good.

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  1. It was communism that defeated Nazis and took Berlin. America only played a small role and has been taking Nazi Germany's place in destroying the world.
    People live longer in Cuba than Americans who are merely stupid and arrogant as well as being bankrupt

  2. America has been behind death squads and mass murder all over South America and the Middle East. Fort Benning Georgia produces torturers and death squads. On the other hand Cuba sends highly trained doctors around the world.


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