Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zika Virus Is ‘Spreading Explosively’ According to the WHO

 The World Health Organization said Thursday that the Zika virus is ‘spreading explosively’ in the Americas and that there is a high level of concern and uncertainty about the virus. ‘I think everyone should be nervous,’ said Dr. Prabha Fernandes, the CEO of drug development company Cempra(CEMP). ‘The important message from the Zika virus is that today it could be Zika, tomorrow it could be something else. The important thing is to be prepared for many different things which could happen.’ According to the WHO, the Zika virus is transmitted by some mosquitos and has been linked to an increase in birth defects. There is no specific vaccine or treatment currently available for the virus. Dr. Fernandes said the broader issue highlighted by the Zika virus is the necessity of developing new treatments for infections caused by either viruses and bacteria. TheStreet's Rhonda Schaffler has details from New York.

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