United Nations, IMF, NATO and World Bank - The Evil 4 of our World

Critics of the World Bank and the IMF are concerned about the ‘conditionalities’ imposed on borrower countries. The World Bank and the IMF often attach loan conditionals based on what is termed the ‘Washington Consensus’, focusing on liberalization—of trade, investment and the financial sector—, deregulation and privatization of nationalized industries.

IMF conditionalities may additionally result in the loss of a state’s authority to govern its own economy as national economic policies are predetermined under IMF packages. Issues of representation are raised as a consequence of the shift in the regulation of national economies from state governments to a Washington-based financial institution in which most developing countries hold little voting power. IMF packages have also been associated with negative social outcomes such as reduced investment in public health and education.

NATO: The Dark Allied Forces For the Evil Empire
Now that NATO has accepted Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Russia is feeling pressure to align itself with former members of the USSR for protection. The inclusion of these former Warsaw Pact nations has moved NATO’s border more than 400 miles closer to Russia.

Firstly, there was the establishment of a "spearhead" or permanent standing army of 4,000 troops for use in Europe. This is not simply some national troops on loan; these are troops specifically for NATO goals. Secondly, the secret Russophobic or anti-Russian purpose of NATO is now spelled out. We are in Cold War 2.0 and Russia is "the aggressor" - the enemy. This is important, for NATO to have an enemy ... even if the rhetoric is sometimes couched in the most idiotic manner, e.g., ISIS and Russia are somehow "similar" threats to NATO. Thirdly, we have the construction of additional military bases in defiance of treaty obligations. This last item, mind you, begs the question of who will pay for all this.

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