Sins of the World - Jan. 2016 (Part 4) End Times Signs

End time events will continue and increase in strength. Be witness of how the earth is crumbling into pieces by devastating tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, massive earthquakes and never ending floods. Stay tuned for more upcoming and devastating events

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  1. Bonkers Zionist bastards. They steal an entire country and get annoyed that their victims begin to hit back. Israel needs to be totally deconstructed and the Palestinian should get their land back.
    Israel and its crimes are certainly not on my side as I don't agree with oppression and tyranny. America needs to fuck off now while they have a choice. Soon the world will be tired of those arrogant bastards and chuck them out like the NVA did to them.
    America and Israel are the main supporters of ISIL as they never attack the evil entity called Israel.


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