Why is it that Putin and his advisers seem to tell the truth about most issues, and use truth as a weapon against the evil of the Western nations, which have all been hijacked by the largest organized crime syndicate in the world??
There have been numerous articles which mention the new ultra high tech defensive weapons such as the advanced electronic warfare “Defensive Shield” deployed by the Russian Federation during the Su-24 flyby of the USS Donald Cook which turned off it Aegis radar system temporarily rendering it defenseless for a time.. But it now appears that the most powerful weapons of Putin and the Russian Federation is hardcore truth now being disseminated to the World..
Truth appears to be the ultimate Psyops against the
largest organized crime syndicate that has ever existed: the Khazarian Mafia (KM), and it looks like the leaders of the Russian Federation have figured this out and are now deploying it in spades..
It looks like the leaders of the Russian Federation discovered that truth is their ticket to prosperity by exposing to the world the fact that all the controlled Western Mass Media and its News Cartel, and all the governmental systems have been based on the KM’s Hierarchy’s big lies, false-narratives and propaganda — and that this deployment of Truth via the Internet can actually erode the KM’s World Hegemony and deconstruct it..
Putin and his advisers know that the KM has been trying to destroy Russia as a sovereign nation and to keep it enslaved for 1,000 years in a secret blood feud against Russia..
Putin also realizes that the KM has been using the talibans, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and NATO to surround the Russian Federation and choke it of..
Putin is aware that the TTIP and TPP free trade agreements are more attempts to undermine Russia’s economy..
He is aware that the USG is violating the Agreement of Cooperation to end the Cold War, which it signed with the new Russian Federation when it emerged..
This Agreement of Cooperation has a main provision that neither nation will mess with any nation that borders each other..
That Agreement of Cooperation was negotiated by Lee Wanta on behalf of President Reagan, and was perhaps the best action Reagan ever initiated for America..
The purpose of this agreement was to end the Cold War and take down the Iron Curtain, to remove KM/Zionist-based Bolshevism from Russia forever and to make sure a cold war between America and Russia would not reoccur, along with decreasing the chances for a hot nuclear WWIII..
It looks like the KM has other ideas and refuses to let go of their 1,000-year blood feud obsession to retake or destroy Russia..
And that is one of the main purposes of the KM using Cutouts to create ISIS, and also using Secretary of State “Hillary Clinton” and her assistant Victoria Nuland (married to a Kagan) to institute the coup d’├ętat by funneling $Billions through the US Department of State to fund this coup in the Ukraine..
Has the Russian Federation figured out that dispensing truth is like throwing water on the wicked witch of the west, or pulling the curtain back to expose the wrinkled up old Oz running the big lie machine that has been keeping most of the world mind-controlled??
President Putin became a master chess player who has learned how to deploy truth to expose the KM Hierarchy’s big lies, false-narratives and propaganda to the world and be able to do it in such a way that it penetrates and overrides the KM’s Controlled Major Mass media Mind-control...

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