Max Igan on We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. CCN Jan, 4th, 2016

people trading liberty for gadgetry... just one manifestation of a deeper weariness resulting from feelings of futility. it is so much easier to spend a lot of money on expensive wines, food, things, etc. and die hedonistically if possible rather than get up and Talk back (' talk back to the tyrants all they fear is your tongue!'). Many of us are getting weary of the weary / oblivious souls packed in the box and promoting it. I shouldn't write remarks when I am this stoned. Thanks for your thoughts Max, and for the Full Circle Project.

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  1. World technology has advanced beyond general world intelligence. This creates a disconnect between the artificial reality and our historical connection between our society and the earth. i.e. The problem is not the technology only, but the lack of advanced awareness, education as to what people do not understand about buying into another Hollywood
    Star Wars movie. AND, it has alot to do with entertainment. Even our fast food is marketed as entertainment now. This awareness must start on a family level, and the family is in trouble today. And their "remedy" is to buy more technological entertainments. phones, games, social sites, cars with gadgets etc.
    even weapons are a type of entertainment from the male perspective. Education and awarness are the enemies of our future. and Trusting in technology like vaccines and agriculture chemicals and food additives.


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